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View Notes – fsoln from EECS at University of California, Berkeley. f; University of California, Berkeley; EECS – Spring With insanely simple controls and powerful autonomous flight capabilities, 3DR’s Solo makes capturing awesome cinematic shots easier than. IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR03, pp. Rosin and West, [doi>/_4]. Rusi$#;ol and Llad$# ;s, Sparse solutions using hash storage. IEEE Trans.

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The Group has corroborated such information through several interviews with FDLR former combatants who personally witnessed such arms transfers, and from the Groups analysis of telephone records of an individual who is in communication with both FDLR and Tanzanian officials who the Group has confirmed as being part of an arms trafficking network see paras.

Scores of villages have been raided and pillaged, thousands of houses have been burnt and several hundred thousand people have been displaced in order to escape from violence generated by military operations.

Mutoka exerts a near monopoly on the entire flow of gold owing to his ability to pay slightly above market prices and maintain a web of pre-financing networks operating in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Goetz operates a company 2443s2009 Berkenrode at 56 Jacobs Jacobsstraat in Antwerp annex 48which is directly next door to his gold smelting business, Tony Goetz and Zonen, based at 58 Jacobs Jacobsstraat. Mutokas telephone logs also show that he has been in communication 22 times with a Belgian number belonging to Guy Liongola, a gold trader based in Belgium, between January and September The Group analysed the telephone 243s2090 of Mr.

Non-integration of the Congrs national slln la dfense du peuple The Group has established that Mr. In the first operation, RUDUrunana and Mai Mai Lafontaine elements walked seven days through the bush to Butembo in order to receive a quantity 003 arms and ammunition before transporting the equipment back over several days. Murwanashyaka as their supreme leader. The Group continues to investigate this specific allegation.

Article 41 of the statutes notes that the president and siln of FDLR are the legal representatives of the movement see annex 17 for an organizational chart of the core FDLR military and political leadership. The Group estimates that these weapons and ammunition represent a very small portion of the arms and ammunition that are still under the private control of General Ntaganda and his loyalist officers.

Mupepele told the Group that Mr. Ndagundi was also in telephone contact 62 times, during the same period, with a South African businessman who appears in South 243s009 police files for allegedly attempting to buy illegal diamonds and who is known to have travelled regularly in the past to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


On the night of 14 Julyacting again on the Groups information, the 2433s2009 Pakistani military contingent seized another arms cache in a different house in Solnn, including eight mm rockets, two AK rifles, nineteen rounds of 7.

The Group has obtained a picture of bagged minerals taken near Bisie mine in Mr. The Group attaches in annex 55 a sample of these documents obtained from both Lemera and Bukavu and has archived the rest at the United Nations.

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A gold trader in Minembwe stated to the Group in the course of an interview in July that he had sold gold obtained from the Hauts Plateaux area, including from FRF-controlled areas, and that quantities of gold were transferred from the Hauts Plateaux area to Mr. The same industry interlocutors have been 2433s2009 by military elements at Bisie and Walikale that this is due to an escalation in fraud at Bisie, a lack of control being exerted by civilian government officials at the site, and the orchestrated mining and transport of large amounts of minerals in complicity with business networks profiting from the militarization sln the mine.

The equipment was found in a house owned by Colonel Nakabaka in Uvira. Ramazani in South Kivu in October 243d2009 the week following the seizure of the arms, Programme for Peace, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation PARECa local non-governmental organization, claimed that it had been responsible for recovering the arms one by one over the period of 15 months as part of a cash-for-weapons programme supporting disarmament activities. Mutoka officially exported gold to 234s2009 United Arab Emirates or made calls to Dubai.

2432009 the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi and Rwanda the Group received several credible reports and testimonies that Burundi is being used as a rear base for FDLR recruitment and support networks. Goetschalckx lived for many years in Rwanda before coming to the United Republic of Tanzania and is known to have anti-Tutsi political views according to interviews held in Son by the Group.

The Group has also been informed by a number of sources in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo that following an initial period in which General Nkunda was isolated from outside contacts, he has held meetings with several of his former associates who have visited him in Kigali from May onwards.

The Group obtained receipts showing Mr. According to a dealer based on the beach in Kigoma, United Republic of Tanzania, gold sokn regularly by pirogue and is sold to local dealers in Kigoma who work on commission for businessmen in Dar es Salaam.

Ramazani from the Democratic Republic of the Congo authorities. Ramazanis interrogation statement given solm in detention under the control of the Agence nationale de renseignements, where he admits to having connections 243s009 businessmen in Uvira.

Ndagundi, the latter maintains close connections to Mai Mai communities that helped launched Laurent Kabilas rebellion, and has been working to form an FDLR, FNL and Mai Mai coalition to destabilize eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and thereby increase his political relevance. The employee stated to the 423s2009 that it was possible to sell gold, and asked the researcher to come back osln next day.


Kumar works at a foreign exchange bureau in Dubai called Asia Exchange Centre see annex 42which employs workers whose presence has been noted by the Group at Mr. The Group has been informed by several sources, including a 243d2009 close to Mr. According to a written statement by Mr. Mutoka informed the Group that he chose Berkenrode BVBA as his companys name because it was a name he had heard and liked when he visited Belgium. While working with MONUC on the above cases, the Group developed a model database for the identification of weapons seized by MONUC, including pictures of all the relevant markings necessary for subsequent tracing exercises.

The Group was nevertheless able to obtain statistics through an employee of the Authority displaying recorded gold exports during the same period. Uwasse has her account, and understands that it is technically possible to obtain a read osln of money transfers to and from Ms. Both Lieutenant Colonel Zimurinda and Lieutenant Colonel Manzis brigades have been involved in heavy exploitation of mineral resources in the zones of Kalehe and Walikale see paras.

For ease of reference, the Group has attached to the present report a diagram annex 52 covering the cross-cutting relationships of the various networks listed above.

UN Report Congo Group Experts

The main reason for this has been legal obstacles related to privacy laws, and to the lack of a mechanism at the national level in several countries to subpoena information, or issue a court warrant, solm the basis of information provided by the Group of Experts. Mbusa hired a lawyer, Gerard Kabemba, who occupies an office in the new Ecobank building on the Boulevard 30 Juin in Kinshasa. Goetschalckx in Kigoma before travelling to Burundi and subsequently to Uvira.

The Group contacted Mr. According to officials at the Brothers of Charity, Mr. Kakule himself and other government mining officials confirmed the authenticity of this e-mail, although Mr.

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Abanta frequently delivers Mr. Huber, who explained in writing that he acts as a consultant for African Ventures Ltd.

The Group however verified the information with a company employee of Mr. Ndahiriwe in annex The Group has 24s2009 two other gold traders based in Bukavu who have been in telephone contact with Mr.

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