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In addition to this fact, the problem of attaining the physical security by whom and what kind of security mechanism, should be thoroughly investigated.

In Turkey, the incidents like sabotage, theft, terrorist attacks, and vandalism that arise concerns to pipeline security may be encountered. Strategically looking into the subject, one can easliy grasp that, although there are numerous analyses regarding to the security of pipelines, structrure and methods of attaining physical and substantial security of the pipelines has often been overlooked.

Having local kannun on security may naturally cause different applications and measures for the protection of these facilities. Law article 6 defines the execution kanuh pipeline security as: On the other hand, one may claim that after cleansing of terrorism in the region, sabotage and terror threat against the pipelines would be no longer an issue.

One other BTC member, Georgia, has a private security force to protect pipelines in the country.

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On the other hand, there have been numerous cases of theft, vandalism incidents in the same region. However, kanjn permission is not very practical for the pipeline case. On the other hand, there have been more than 30 reported incidents for theft and vandalism which is worth considering within security issue.

In this framework a national and corparate security concept should be designed and implemented in Turkey.

tarihli Resmi Gazete

On the other hand, Kanin has already a secure pipeline network that stretches from east to west and north to south that satisfies the need of oil and natural gas totaling km. However, security threats posed in the east, and general security concept of JGK charge these pipeline security stations with additional duties irrelevant to pipeline security. This in 518 is a very costly impilcation, yet it may prevent many assaults on the pipelines saving prestige of Turkey on security.


Furthermore, in order to eliminate security concerns, periodical meetings are organized by JGK with participation of relevant parties, however; main responsiblity still lies kanuun JGK, which we think unfair.

Aftermath of these events may lead to costly repair process and loss of prestige on the way of being an energy hub in Turkey.

JGK is trying to accomplish this responsibility with a kind of devotion though its main duty is to maintain general security of people. Daily loss that is caused for any reason is around US dollars.

In the US there is a pipeline network of When we look at the 25 year implications of the protocols sinceonly in Iran- Turkey pipeline 5 sabotage attacks have been experienced. It should be considered that with present applications, this security fact, and its cost should ve discussed thoroughly.

This line which aimed to carry natural gas originating from the natural gas basins of Russia, was initiated on an agreement that was signed between Russian Federation and Republic of Turkey on 15th Decemberwith a proposal of Gazprom promising a new pipeline that has a capacity of annual bcm natural gas for 25 straight years.

According to the initial figures total cost of the project is estimated as 4. It is also compulsory to grasp the dimensions of costs and outcomes of the security issues of pipelines for the future projects, provided that Turkey will become a energy corridor between the east and the west, although no significant incident has been experienced so far in Turkey.

There have been attacks or attack attemps on Turkish pipelines since Its construction is expected to be completed by with 31 bcm of natural gas annual tarnsfer.

Pipeline Security in Turkey | MELIH BASDEMIR and Mitat Celikpala –

One other issue is JGK personnel working in the security posts. Therefore a more general concept or method should be devised in order to assign private security firms in this kind of service when deemed necessary.

In rhe US mostly civilian corporations provide security to the pipelines. JGK, in addition to its general public security duties, is the main corproration to fulfill the security of pipelines. Nabucco natural gas pipeline that aims to transfer the oil from Caspian basin to the European markets is a major pipeline project that will pass through Turkey.


In addition to this general state frame, government local officals such as governor, mayor and district government head officers are also regarded in the security system, however this system is aimed for the general security, not for pipline security or any other infrastructural security issue. Studies of aerial UAV and ground cost-effective survelliance syetems by means of seamless technology have to be finalized. Today, JGK plays the main role inside the security policies of Turkey including pipeline security.

Within this framework, a solid institutional security structre should be established in the very near future. The total length of the pipeline is km8 and annual taranfer is around 40 bcm.

To illustrate these incident in figures, cost of thefts was 6 million and 58 thousand dollars, and cost of savotages was 4 million and dollars. For example, some stations which are installed for the protection of BTC also have an area of responsibility for securing Iran-Turkey natural gas pipeline.

For example, to establish a security structure similar to Georgia is not easy in Turket due to legal applications, however, there is still a way by activating the mechanism of City Security Councils, which is very impracticle. In the regions west of Sivas, pipeline security has been considered within the general county security concept of police department and Gendermarie.

For this reason both polically and economically pipeline security issue is recently being discussed within energy and security environment. Or, forming separate pipeline units such as in USA, Azerbaijan, or Georgia should be seriously thought.

However, in the west no single sabotage incident had occured. A sensational sabotage always attracks attention from all over the world, thus occurances of sabotages must be 0 ed.

Given these facts, the security of pipelines is the most important item when one pipline project arises in these lands.

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