Description. Diurnale Romanum (Breviarium Romanum) For the traditional ( ) Roman Breviary. The Diurnale (pronounced dee-oor-nah-leh) is a single. If you want the older Office in Latin only, then another consideration should be the Diurnale Romanum. It is a fraction of the cost and has. The Diurnale is a single volume edition of the traditional Roman Breviary and excerpts from the Rituale Romanum that a priest might need while away from the .

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Thanks for the info and link to lulu. We have used print outs photocopies, pasted together for our schola so there isn’t any confusion.

Breviarium Romanum – Diurnale

Pustet Regensburg, GermanyVerna: Unfortunately, his site is no longer available on the internet. My thoughts on it are still on the way We are very brrviarium to all web page authors mentioned herein.

We thank, in the most profound way, the family of the late Laszlo Kiss, for permitting us to continue his work and devotion to the Church’s liturgy.

I suppose that Summorum Pontificum from the Vatican has had some influence in its publication. We are very grateful to the authors of the aforementioned web pages. We thank our team members for their collaboration throughout the years.


Do you have any experience in singing the office? I happen to be romxnum of these people on a budget, and the Diurnale Romanum would work nicely. In the “Thank You” email from Lulu, the editor has asked for error scanning from his buyers.

The larger version is widely available.

Breviarium Romanum Diurnale – pocket sized

Just an FYI, the publisher of that Diurnale has taken the work offline pending the approval of his Ordinary. Les Hymnes et autres textes liturgiques seront issus du remarquable Introibo. Te DeumMarian antiphons with their diurnxle, some parts of the Mass come from Sanctus.

This seems superb for travel. When you get to the webpage type “Diurnal format poche” in the search engine on the top right and you’ll find it. We thank New Catholic and the Rorate Caeli blog for their invaluable assistance upon the death of Laszlo Kiss, to ensure ronanum the Divine Office might still be prayed online. Michael’s College, Toronto with the same permission as for the Latin version: The sequence of the diurjale books in the above file is: For the starters, the number of psalms in Vespers differs Roman version — 5, Monastic – 4.

Breviarium Romanum – Diurnale + Leather Cover

There was an error while thanking. I’d like to have a little diurnal I could take along with me to pray the little hours during the day so that I don’t have to tote my full breviary everywhere.


An Overview Contains many useful schemata of the psalters used in the Divine Office. Newer Post Older Post Home. A copy of this can be downloaded from http: As for singing the office, I have pretty limited experience with that because our parish travels far and wide to get there so Vespers is almost never done. I’m not up on this so maybe someone would tell me how this differs from the Monastic Diurnal from St. Some kind of cover or slip would also be much appreciated.

Pius X, which took place in For a Latin-English Diurnale, there was one put out in ‘ I concur that this copy in particular would be a great hold-over until the much-anticipated Baronius Press edition is available.

I would love a little volume like this to add to my breviary rotation, I go between the Brevviarium and Nova et Vetera. Hi Ben, Thanks for the comment. The resources in print there are astounding for stuff like this. Thanks again and keep reading.

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