Here is my request if someone can or is willing to do this, I have done some research and read that these files can be converted to DXF, DWG. We have got a problem converting files from our HP ME10 CAD system into DXF format to be read into Autocad R Our ME10 has crashed and burned, so is. Creo Elements/Direct Drafting now owned by PTC, and formerly called ME10 is a CAD software application exclusively for 2D drawings, especially in.

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We can also search for illegal part names or rename those. That’s fine IF you have the program running, which we didn’t. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy.

As I recall matters those files were originally created with a based machine and the more modern processor didn’t want to know. Even the free 2-D software can approximate what this program can do.

Number of files times average file size. Guys with the problem borrowed a off me and a off someone else and worked their way up via temporary installs, fortunately the legacy versions of the program disks had been kept, to get files which could be opened in a then modern machine. That was nice of you to offer some help but I’d been gone from the company for many months when you posted and did not see your reply.

The largest number of files we have done in a single batch is over 10, Now that everybody bailed out of the program except Germany. Custom Filters and Tools We’ve developed special programs to scan the customer’s database, prior to translation and search for illegal files names – the software renames the files and produces a table that shows the old vs.


Getting the files onto our hardware. They still send me files in me10 format. Never did get a straight answer as to what went wrong. Artwork’s Mass Translation Tools and Equipment Artwork has developed special tools and techniques to efficiently deal with large numbers of files.

So before I just step back and let the ball fall I wanted to ask if any of you have had to wrestle with the legacy of a large data base in an unsupported program and whether you found a solution. Translation Issues A designer with several thousand ME drawing files to convert is faced with several hurdles: If not, our scanning software reports this so we can obtain these files prior to starting any type of translation.

The information on those files is still needed on an almost daily basis for viewing and to create stamping die components on the WEDM. I’m going to drive a stake into the heart of this software the moment the company can get out from under it. We have also developed special software to read older backup tapes from Pascal workstations including hard disk images. Have you seen this: It’s a problem I’ll have to deal with when the current CAD guy retires in 8 weeks. Denial has staying power and can hold a problem no matter how big it is.

ME-10 to DXF Mass Translation Service

Luckily 6 or 8 years ago my company purchesed the version of CoCreate One Space. Sounds like I’m venting now so maybe I should stop here convsrt thanking you for your attempts to help Len. I appreciate your reply even if it merely confirmed the difficulties others have had, thanks ATR. This helps us ne10 any corrupted data files prior to translation. To RH68, your inbox was full; One of the problems we were having was that ME was down for some reason and all the files were locked up with it being down.

Had an encounter with legacy files in another program being unable to make the or I think to Pentium jump.


ME 10 File Conversion. For some very large jobs where we need more than 4 Gbytes of disk congert space we add a small surcharge. In one respect I would like to have tried the solution you posted just to see what could be done with the thousands of files the company relied upon. Some of our clients would like the translated files on special media, such as optical disk.

importing a mi file | SOLIDWORKS Forums

We can give you a firm quote after evaluating a portion of your files. Claims to do a translation in AutoCAD.

converh I hate it when short sighted bean counters make decisions that bite someone else conevrt the arse. I do appreciate you attempting to help, thank you. We have been doing such translations since We’ve already been in touch with PTC and they haven’t offered much help other than suggest a configuration edit in Creo that doesn’t work.

However, your reply may be of some help to someone else that’s in a similar predicament with ME There used to be file converters and even whole companies that were doing batch conversions about years ago when everybody saw the handwriting on the wall and bailed out of ME, converting their files as they went to modern CAD software. The company that saddled me with this problem had a multitude of issues that had finally come home to roost, the bulk of their designs in ME10 was the tip of the iceberg.

Thanking you in advance for your time and advice. I’m attempting to pursue a solution because a problem that doesn’t directly affect corporate seems to have less of a priority, it’s been 4 weeks already.

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