Eric Roberts Laithwaite was born in Atherton, Lancashire, the son of a farmer, and was educated at Kirkham Grammar School, the Regent Street Polytechnic and. For this second blog we’re going to look at an inventor, innovator and communicator of science on TV and in the classroom. Eric Laithwaite ( ) came to. Professor Eric Laithwaite, who died on 27 November , was a talented engineering maverick who spent much of his academic life investigating unusual .

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Colin Grimshaw colingrimshaw says: A co-worker had posted the video demonstration of a large gyro wheel on face book, and after seeing it immediately I had ideas flooded my head.

November 12th, at 2: His research in later years into Gyroscopes was, and still is, a topic of much discussion within the scientific community. Imperial College Video Archive Blog. A gyroscope hangs from the ceiling on a long string Video Sadly, I have a feeling that no one is left from the era of Eric Laithwaite who would have worked eriv him, at least not still at Imperial.

He chose to demonstrate his observations on gyroscopic force, coming to a series of false conclusions on gyroscopic motion. InLaithwaite was invited by the Royal Institution to give a talk on a subject of his own choosing.

It is an essential part of their learning of magnetism. You can use these tags: He teamed up with Bill Dawson, a fellow electrical engineer and businessman, and spent the last years of his life experimenting with a variety of complex gyroscopic rigs, finally proving to his satisfaction that they could produce “mass transfer” – a brand new thrustless propulsion system.


I might have some video or images of that… Most things he did were a bit like you describe risky. The tape is very worn and we would like to get a copy on DVD if possible.


On demobilization inhe attended the University of Manchester to study electrical engineering. You may recall that there was some controversy over the content of lecture six where Eric Laithwaite demonstrated his theories of gyroscopes and how he thought he may have found that gyroscopes violated the law of conservation of energy.

The titles of the books being the same. Fascinating post Colin, thanks. As a result proceedings of the lecture were never published. May 11th, at 8: I had never heard of professor Eric Laithwaite, although he did look familiar.

April 10th, at 6: In his lecture before the Royal Institution he claimed that gyroscopes weigh less when spinning and, to demonstrate this, he showed laitheaite he could lift a spinning gyroscope mounted on the end of a rod easily with one hand but could not do so when the gyroscope was not spinning. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Materials were painted various colours to show what was being separated.

This explanation did not account for where the necessary energy might come from — a matter later taken up by P. I really hope that maglev sets its foot in the USA, because that would give a big oaithwaite to this technology. Newton’s laws can be applied to angular motion in 3-D and an important relationship obtained.

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It appears that Laithwaite was waiting for the sixth and final lecture with something new and controversial, possibly breaking these laws of science. Would it start to spin, and if so how fast and in which axis. April 1st, at 3: April 7th, at For Laithwaite it was a laithwaihe. It was a very inspiring,motivating and knowledge gathering session coming to this post and reading about the life history and role played laaithwaite Eric Laithwaite in the history of Science and technology.

He lakthwaite in the sound of the spoken word, reciting poetry from memory with evident pleasure. The repeated experiments and explanations of the motion can be found via the links below. February 2nd, at Im not an Engineer or a Mathematician.

This was discussed in the BBC science series ‘Horizon – When I was involved with the RI Christmas lectures I was handed a live cable of one of the volt phases to hold it was of course a shielded cable, but the open end was live! Laithwaite retired from Imperial College inbut was offered no other research post untilwhen he became Visiting Professor at the University of Sussex.

Our lecturers are still wanting to use the programme but we only have the VHS copy. A toy gyroscope precesses on ice.

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