Ermeni Tehciri. Bülent Bakar. Uploaded by. Bülent Bakar. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Mehmet Takkaç Muammer Demirel and others published Ermeni Tehciri Anıları Üzerine. Bu araştırmanın amacı, Türkiye’yi özellikle her sene nisan ayında uluslararası alanda meşgul eden Ermeni Meselesi’ne, öğretim programlarımızda ve ders.

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If he cannot act as a proxy, especially not acting as a guardian; 6.

1964 Tehciri, İstanbul Rumlarının sonu oldu

The evacuation of all the people living in these towns, regardless of race and creed, was decided as these two towns are militarily and strategically important. The terms of this notification shall be complied with. An adjective used for a skilled tradesman or craftsman. The sick and the needy shall be transferred to the recovery wards from the hospitals if available; otherwise, they shall receive their due treatments at the recovery wards tehxiri be opened at the hospitals until they become fit for dispatch.

Ohannes also claimed that although the organization had a certain team-organization that was established in accordance with the program devised in London, he had never taken part in it.


When Melkon, Agop, and Artin were confronted, Melkon said in their presence that they were all both at the Tekke and on the mountains together. As the aim of the activities realized so far, and the aim of the activities realized within the framework of the decisions taken unanimously suggested the severing of a certain part of the Ottoman country from the hands of the State; it is hereby concluded unanimously that the case, being one of treason, requires trial in accordance with the supplementary stipulations of Penal Code Article 54,7 be submitted to Court Martial for the due trials of the convicts.

All the patients who developed tehviri fever and plague shall be cured at the efmeni French Hospital free of charge. As for those who have been arrested for other ermen Those institutions are authorized to carry out bacteriological examinations, and inoculation activities.

Ermeni Meselesi, Ermeni Sorunu | ‘le İlgili Herşey

The Armenian community is given In his earlier erjeni read aloud, he said: Office of the Governor at Aleppo Secret All the correspondences pertaining to the relocation, protection and managing of the properties they left behind, and to other issues has hereby been summarized for your further considerations.


I hereby assert my belief that the names of the people indulged in the insurgencies, the place names where the events occurred, and the treacherous theciri brought about against tehcuri State by the Armenians during the war ought to be made public in those bulletins; moreover, it should also be stated that the measures taken by the government relied solely on the idea of protecting the country, and that it was inevitable to take those measures.

November 1, Aleppo Logistics Support Inspector General Signed The Aleppo Logistics Support Inspectorate is hereby informed that the definite orders received have been forwarded to the responsible authorities.

The members of the gang were engaged in banditry ever since the gang was formed. If there are inadequate number of jugs and pitchers, they should be purchased, kerosene lamps should be lit in proportion to the largeness of the wards, and especially the kitchen problem at the Internal Medicine Hospital ought to be solved.

I will write you the answer as soon as I receive. We hereby appeal to the Logistics Support Inspectorate for the issuing of the definite orders for curbing the transfers of the sick who were separated and shall be maintained by these doctors. The decision hereby stated has been conveyed to the Ministry of Interior by the liquidation commissions.

gehciri It should also be announced publicly that any Muslim person who attempts to do any harm to an Armenian, may it be an insurgent or compliant, regardless of the degree of harm, shall be prosecuted as if he were a brigand. Hadji Talip Bey Aleppo He is retired from the army. His previous testimony is read aloud.

The cars to be cleaned in accordance with the procedures mentioned above shall be sealed with lead; and the seals shall only be broken prior to setting out for a new destination. They are given the necessary instructions and orders, and the due implementation of the orders has been closely inspected. The documentary publication Armenian Activities in the Archive Documents has come to end with the present volume. May 14,at 4: The words of the Patriarch of Jerusalem Kamazej should carefully be evaluated: An adjective used for a big landowner.

For Ohannes, who did not comply with the decision of the Court Martial granting 10 days for his surrender, it is hereby unanimously decided that he shall here after be taken as a non-compliant, shall be tried in his absence, shall be deprived of his civil rights, and his property shall be sequestered. Orders above have been conveyed to all governorships, local administrations, corps commands, and logistics support inspectorates.


Message dated July 12, I hereby humbly request, especially your giving strict orders to other regions and vilayets to draw due attention to the issue and for protecting the Armenians subjected to relocation from any kind of assault.

Due procedures are hereby requested. Registered on July 31, Upon the first note written on this issue, a cavalry company in three groups, affiliated to the 4th Army, have been sent to the direction of Raqqah and Dayr az Zawr.

I spent the night of August 3,with a Kurdish tribe that was spending the summer in the mountain pastures.

A copy of this manifesto is posted. The 6th Army Corps, Medical Chief of Staff affiliated to the Department of Recruitment, and the Amanos Logistics Line Medical Chief of Staff are thoroughly ermen for the taking of all the necessary preventive health measures of the orphans.

It has been understood that the fugitives who have not applied to the Court in compliance with the day period allocated by the Chair, shall be tried in their absence, be deprived of their civil rights, and their belongings and properties be edmeni, as they are considered to have had opposed the law. October 23, F G 2 Rayak, Lebanon.

Ermeni Tehciri Genel Kurmay Arşivi | BilalHayri Doğan –

I hereby request, for the voicing of the truth, your publishing news in all the newspapers published there, including the Jewish papers, in the following manner. There are transportation vehicles available at Nazareth, Esh Sham, and Jerusalem for the sick.

There are recovery wards at Adana, Nazareth, and Jerusalem for the time being. From the talks I held with the German parliamentary members, I am convinced that the Germans will attempt to propose the returning of the relocated Armenians to their homes before the signing of a treaty.

Agop, then, said he knew Agop and the people whom he had mentioned. Message dated August 3, May 14,at 2: The permanent staff of a recovery hospital is decided to be organized as follows: The president and the members of the Derelict Property Commissions are authorized to settle the refugees and the tribes to the evacuated towns and villages.

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