Notația bra-ket pentru vectorii din spațiul Hilbert în care sunt descrise stările dinamice ale unui sistem atomic în mecanica cuantică a fost introdusă de Dirac. Imbinam medicina alopata cu cea alternativa si complementara in spiritul a ceea ce Organizatia Mondiala a Sanatatii numeste “Medicina Integrativa“. Interesante documental que explica de forma sencilla y resumida cómo surgió la Física Cuántica y cómo a partir de ésta se desarrolló la Mecánica Cuántica.

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Cavity-output-field control via interference effects. A theory is only ‘true’ for as long as the majority of the cuantcia community maintain a consensus view that the theory is the one best able to explain the observations. Cavity Field Suppression via Interference Effects. Under either of these approaches, we would interpret the observed indeterminism in the behavior of stoplights as an expression of our ignorance about the actual workings.

Quantum dynamics of a two-level emitter with a modulated transition frequency. Phase dependence of the unnormalized second-order photon correlation function. But if we take a wider view and ask instead if Einstein was wrong to hold to the realist’s belief that the physics of the universe should be objective and deterministic, we must acknowledge that we cannot answer such a question.


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Interpretările mecanicii cuantice

J Exp Theor Phys. Or perhaps there is an interaction with the broader environment e.

Adus de la https: Under cuabtica ignorance interpretation, indeterminism would not be a fundamental feature of quantum stoplights, but merely epistemic in nature due to our lack of knowledge about the system.

Long-time correlated quantum dynamics of phonon cooling. Sub-Poissonian phonon statistics in an acoustical rezonator coupled to a pumped two-level emitter.

Amplifying ultraweak transitions in collective systems via quantum interference. The Oxford Handbook of Free Wil ed. And the story of quantum theory is not over yet. It is in the nature of theoretical science that there can be no such thing as certainty.

J Opt Soc Am B. Quantum stoplights would turn to be deterministic after all. So, was Einstein wrong? Enhanced vibrational quantum dynamics beyond the rotating wave approximation. Along epistemic lines, one possibility is that there is some additional factor i. In the sense that the EPR paper argued in favour of an objective reality for each quantum particle in an entangled pair independent of the other and of the measuring device, the answer must be yes.

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Time-dependent highly correlated photons. Population inversion in two-level systems possessing permanent dipoles.

Phase-dependent quantum interferences with three-level artificial atoms.

Cavity quantum interferences with three-level atoms. The key question ccuantica whether to understand the nature of this probability as epistemic or ontic. Collective dynamics in a laser-pumped mixture of two atomic ensembles.

Academics in Fizica Cuantica –

Entanglement of a laser driven pair of two-level qubits via its phonon environment. Fast phonon dynamics of a fiizca oscilator due to cooperative effects.

Enhanced cooling for stronger qubit-phonon couplings.

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