Used Fostex FEE Loudspeakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Find great deals for Fostex FEE Full Range Speaker (pair). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Shown is an example of a FEE bass re- flex type enclosure. • The stand serves as both speaker stand and bass reflex duct (port). • Packed sand or other fill.

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Later on, he naturally branched out into music recording.

They are LOUD with only a few watts driving them, produce good bass and excellent mids and highs. The attached product list itemized a comprehensive range of interconnects, speaker cables and power cords in addition to four loudspeaker models.

Fostex FE167E Full Range Speaker (pair)

Loth-X has better extension on both ends of the spectrum without getting harsh in the treble. I wasn’t prepared for single drivers then and reneged to a quasi-single driver, quasi-crossoverless design. They could be the same though modified differently.

I understand and accept the privacy policy. Single driver, front or rear ported bass reflex Driver: The only difference is that the larger FEE features a whizzer cone with rolled edges.

Unity Solid Link Series. I am at least fe167d years of age. It seemed a fair deal at the time don’t call it a compromise since the other bigger single driver models sounded too nasal not exactly boomy to me.


Let’s see if there’s any correlation to Unity Audio speakers to begin with. For more information or to arrange a home audition, e-mail Fritz at info fritzspeakers. You can experiment with the component values shown fostes and select a BSC to suit your room, amplifier and personal preference.

Since it is shielded, it is fstex perfect choice for center channel in your home theater system! Voices however do appear forward on strong vocal tracks.

The lacking place would be at the low bass region where it is slightly lightweight.

The initial sound will be brighter and harsher with recessed bass. Piano sounds soft, rounded and musical. This adds some extra dimension to your listening. Improvements The high frequency of the FEE sounds a bit harsh and fstex. The other single driver used on the, um – Fostwx Spirit is the smaller 4. They are a crossover-less high efficiency design 94 db sensitivity. Click here to get the high resolution speaker plans.

Bass extension aside, single driver speakers are created with a different design philosophy and have their unique advantage. The company soon migrated into audio retail through a new umbrella called OZ Enterprises and started marketing its own creations in under the Unity Audio brand.

Fostex FE167E Fullrange Speaker Driver

Second, the Loth-X has the foetex soundstage. The choice is audiophile grade: There are some tweaks that foztex improve the FEE highs and the overall sound. The grills were attached to the speakers using Velcro. Probably due to its easy-to-work-with size and price, this Fostex driver has been extremely popular among DIYers. The Fostex FEE is a true high efficiency full range driver.

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Do you have some pictures or graphics to add? The amount of attenuation required will be subject to your listening room and amplifier as well as personal taste. Maybe that’s just me. To give you some idea: How this review has taken so long to materialize is beyond reason.


The boxes were clamped during the gluing process and the inside joints were sealed with additional glue. Omer continued his story. The Whitewater is in Cherry veneer and the Inner Spirit serene white is hand-finished multi-coated enamel varnished with clear top coat – not top-notch craftsmanship but still good decent value. The loudspeaker enclosures are fine furniture grade quality cabinets handcrafted in my shop fe167s are a bass reflex design properly tuned for this driver following Fostex recommendations.

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