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IECEE Certification & Testing | IEC Standards | IEC | General Information. The text of document 48B//FDIS, future edition 2 of IEC , prepared by SC This European Standard supersedes EN IEC Ed. Connectors – Safety requirements and tests IEC applies to connectors with rated voltages above 50 V and up to V a.c. and.

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Insulation piercing connections – General requirements, test methods and practical guidance 1 2 IEC – Solderless connections – EN Part 7: Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings.

Examples of markings for rated 6184, rated voltages, rated impulse voltage and pollution degree: Tests – Test Xb: A current equal to the rated current of the connector is passed through the conductors, the voltage between them being the rated voltage. The length of the connecting cable and conductor loops see Figures 1a, 1b and 1c is given in Table 7.

The test duration shall be four days.

The symbol is reserved for end-use-equipment. The dimensional test is carried out according to IEC For connectors with rated voltage up to 50 V, this standard may be used as a guide.

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Users are responsible for its correct application. Click to learn more. Comprehensive method for determining clearances and creepage distances equal to or less than 2 mm 1 IEC – Flat, quick-connect terminations – – IEC Connecting devices for low-voltage circuits EN mod for household and similar purposes – Part The test shall be carried out according to test 5a of IECunless otherwise specified, under the following test conditions.

Clearances through slots 619984 openings in enclosures of insulating material shall meet the values of case A of Table F.

Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. For the relationship between creepage distance and clearances see 5. This requirement does not apply to a connector in which contact identification is ensured in the end-use product. In case of deviation, the used factor shall be indicated in the technical documentation.

BS EN 61984:2009

Compliance is checked by a polarisation test. This publication does ie purport to include all the necessary provisions of acontract. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:. Maximum three contacts per specimen plus protective earthing contact, if any.

It is incorporated by Royal Charter.

Therefore, the rated insulation voltage for a connector with creepage distances fixed by design should be reconsidered for each pollution degree separately. NOTE 2 Connectors with non-rewirable terminations e. Alternatively, the specified r.


Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance.

BS EN 连接器的安全要求和试验 – MBA智库文档

D1 Initial measure- Mated specimen Contact 2b Reference value for ment resistance subsequent Test current: Table 2 — Compliant termination and connection methods Ref. Compliance is iiec by the test of 7. If it consists of metal, it shall meet one of the following requirements: Designation IEC ding to or title test no.

Preferred values are given in Table 4b. This standard does not apply to connectors in or on equipment where application specific safety requirements for connectors exist. The test position shall be horizontal or, if not possible, as in normal use.

According to the agreement with the manufacturer, a printed board can be used for fixing Figure 1b. Methods of measuring clearances and creepage distances are given in 6. The higher value is permissible D6 Dielectric 7.

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