Jáchym Topol, and Norman Manea, who lived during the Communist . www. Readings with Laurent Binet, Erri De Luca, György Dragomán, Jáchym Topol, Daniela .org/article/from-i-cant-stand-still-an-interview-with-jchym-topol. The Devil’s Workshop (paperback). The devil had his workshop here in Belarus. The deepest graves are in Belarus. But nobody knows about.

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You’d always have to use some kind of trick to get through.

NEW LITERATURE FROM EUROPE In Transit – Czech Center New York

I mean, I still have to write for newspapers and magazines all the time, to earn enough so I can take jchyn off to write a book. Every free breath you took reeked of the slammer. I put it all together later on. Then, later on, when I was about seventeen, my friends and I went on one of our countless trips hitchhiking around Poland, and one morning we woke up in these big concrete tubes, like the ones they use for sewer pipe.

Do you think journalism has helped you as a novelist?

So I want to make it clear that I may write my own way, the way that I want to, but the opinions of the people who were there are absolutely crucial to me.

Another survivor whose opinion was important to me ropol Dita Kraus, who was in Auschwitz with her husband, Oto B. The sun warm and bright in the distance touching the water, the seagulls squawking.


My first time was in East Germany with my mom. But my work for the Havel Library is definitely a service. Overige kenmerken Extra groot lettertype Nee. All that traveling around gets crazy, and it was also sometimes a bit risky, what with my kids being little jchyj my parents getting old.

So at about four in the morning, a taxi driver was taking me from my hotel to the airport in Minsk. Sleeping in sandy graves, pits carved out by the wind. Czech daytrippers in the towns along the border were famous for that.

Two-thirds into Nightworkfollowing a scuffle with Soviet troops and a few too many drinks, the schoolteacher Bohadlo delivers a rant. We were fascinated by people like Rudolf Vrba, who escaped from Auschwitz and talked about it on Voice of America, or Richard Glazar, who wrote about the uprising in Treblinka extermination camp Trap with a Green Fence.

What is it, you think, that draws you to this theme? Can you explain what you meant by that?

The Devil’s Workshop

Reviews Schrijf een review. Another interesting thing is that I wrote almost all those poems in another country—hardly ever in a hotel, usually in some hostel or dormitory.

We went there hchym to soak up the atmosphere and check out the hardcore Polish longhairs. From then on, I went to Poland instead. The girls raced toward them with joy and I, their rescuer, was once again alone and headed back into the woods. As such, details of past traumas are forgotten, if they were ever known or remembered to begin with.

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Anyway they would’ve locked me up, I already talked about that. One day I fell back asleep and got woken up by a sloshing noise. But the bunkers … I liked sleeping in topo, concrete huts, medieval castles adapted for rocket attacks. Any sea was a huge magnet for us. When I got to the Transylvanian mountains I made up for my strong need for woods and free movement.

In that sense we were backwards compared to the West, where the people working in newspapers were journalists, professionals, whereas in this country they were mostly ideological clowns, if not outright hatemongers calling for repressive measures.

The Jáchym Topol Interview

While this youthful interpretation of the political situation is in some ways misguided, are they not in fact correct? They make me nervous, I tpool scared.

This was after the nuthouse and I had an urge to get out on my own.

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