Jeff Willet’s Lost Logs – This is a collection of Willet’s 18 week diet, supplement and cardio logs for his preparation for the Team Universe and. from Jeff Willet’s daily training journal and Skip La Cour’s website. . trying to increase lean muscle mass and/or lose body fat, and I plan to pay a access where I am working so I will still be able to log on and participate. And I doubt seriously Jeff Willet or Skip Lacour used Max Ot “exclusively” .. If you read any of Jeff Willet’s training logs now, he does over head.

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Jeff Willet’s Lost Logs Review – Carved Outta Stone

Get a reward for it”. I’m a big believer in periodization for someone with goals like mine. Do you already have an account? Supplements Building muscle takes effort.

I think it is a good program overall. Grab the new JSF mobile app! Jeff is an expert on maximizing drug free results and can teach you… Learn More…. Mikhael Jorgensen September 13, Now you can see the exact formula. If you do dillet, definitely keep a log. Jeff Willet June 21, Cardio Record showing dates, post, distances and calories burned of every cardio session I did leading up to the championships.

Opinions Essentially, he preaches that you should do very few workouts, and max out on the weights so that you can only get about reps.

The two approaches can definitely be combined given some common sense tweaking however. This online video features a unique inside look at the exact methods I prescribed to Stuart MacDonald during his amazing body transformation… Learn More…. Always remember that consistency outside the gym with your nutritional behaviors is equally as important as your dedication to the weights and a well organized and detailed eating plan will help you stay on track.

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I just ordered your “Lost Logs” e-book and the information is worth the price many times over!


Understanding Warm-up Sets Cardio Timing. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This special edition contains an additional hour of extended and never seen before footage that takes you even deeper into Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The Lost Logs e-Book only was my best lots year by far.

Email required Address never made public. Essentially, he wil,et that you should do very few workouts, and max out on the weights so that you can only get about reps.

And, just as important, it takes the right nutrition and the best, most effective, scientifically proven sports supplements to nourish and accelerate muscle growth and strength. I absolutely fell in love. Periodization is essentially the concept of meeting different objectives in your training over time i. I’ve done complete measurements and I’ll keep you posted on results. This plan was designed to maximize drug free performance and I would say the plan accomplished that goal.

Lost Logs: The Ultimate Guide for Getting Totally Shredded

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Thank you so much for your replying, even though i think you are very busy. On the other days i rest. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

I often get asked how to adjust nutrition in the final days before a contest and what to do on the actual day of the show. Also have a printable PDF of the program I made from the webpages.

A person who is training intensely will have a higher protein requirement than a sedentary individual. What to do when you get one?


I think the total calories consumed during the day is what you want to think about when skimming calories and gradually reduce that total over time.

Fortunately this story has a happy ending. Originally Posted by spiderman As I’ve said before on here a friend of mine is cutting for his first natural competition and he’s still doing MAXOT, he only slightly increased cardio work and reduced his calories and his results in lots fat loss department have been phenominal.

It is all relative. Maybe that programm works best for these two.

Same Food, Same Time! | Jeff Willet

Keep it Simple…Nutrition strategies that actually work! This article explains the three types of periodization micro, meso, and macro cycles: It takes dedication, commitment, and consistency. I am one broke fucker man. There is not a set calculation I use. F setup is superior. Mail will not be published required. I do keep the average work load in jjeff around sets and concentrate on compounds.

Okay, so i shouldent focus to much on getting the caloric surplus to grow, as it is almost stated everywhere as the old saying. It took many years and a lot of trial and error to learn how to achieve the perfect winning tan. My new site offers more information, more interaction and exclusive video content! How have your lifts improved i. Supplements Supplements Building muscle takes effort.

However there are ways to tweak MAXOT training and diet protocols to put you into more of a fat loss state than a sheer “mass program.

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