In this project, we will see how to build an 8x8x8 LED Cube. There are many projects based on the 8x8x8 LED Cube and some of them became. 8x8x8 LED Cube Driver If you take a look back at the schematic you will see it is basically split in half. The right hand side is for the individual LED driver and the. 8x8x8 LED cube powered by an arduino. GitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build.

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Then, draw horizontal lines which are parallel to the top reference horizontal frame line with the separation distance 2. By using the blank side of acrylic sheet, starts draw frame lines based on the dimensions as shown below by using pencil and L-shaped ruler. Seems that I am better in soldering than coding Hence, the steel wire should be clean with sand paper first. With six jigs, the structure is finally rigid enough for soldering.

Sorry if Im so pedantic, but I have to order the components and I don’t want to make a wrong order. Your Email Remember me. Solder it to the cathode of prroject 1st LEDs layer. While releasing it, the running speed will slowly back to normal. Projsct base for mounting LED Cube and placing microcontroller circuit is considered done here.


Microcontroller circuit schematic part 2. Mark points and drill holes on the acrylic sheet 9.

Building An 8x8x8 LED Cube

Please do not remove these thin brown sheets. Hence, wires are only needed.

This small screwdriver was just the right weight to lightly hold down on the wire that I’m soldering. So we used a razor blade and chopped the bus line into single pads like the rest of the board has. I already created the cube itself.

Construct a 8x8x8 LED Cube – Tutorial by Cytron

Holds the wires at perfect 4cm spacing. But still can get how this could work. This can be done by touching one probe of the multimeter at outputs of the ULN and another probe to cathodes of LEDs layers for continuity test. Then, bend the other end of the steel wire from the bottom of the base in the direction indicated in Figure 44 below. The structure of complete stacked LEDs layers is shown below. Cut each anode leg into length about 1cm and bend each of them in the direction as shown below.

While the IDC socket and box header types available are 6 ways, 10 ways, 14 ways, 16 ways, 20 ways, 24 ways, 28ways, 34ways and so on. It has the shape of a cube. Videos of this project: The sample code is under Attachment section.

Super bright 3mm blue LED with its cathode leg bent 90 degree. This is because the other end of the cut out 10 ways rainbow cable will be installed with an IDC socket.


8x8x8 Blue LED Cube

Nice and cool project to build. Based on the schematic, the electronic components, sockets and connectors to be soldered on the donut board consist of: Bottom view of projject facing user. Wires of 8 ways cable 2 will be soldered to 1st — 8th anode legs in column 2 sequentially. Nov 8, at 8: The appearance of the 10 ways IDC socket 2.

Solder wires to cathode risers of LED Cube. IC ULN datasheets, can download here. Dec 15, at 7: Sep 13, at 8: A short video that illustrating on how to choose and execute particular lighting of the LED Cube is provided below. Oct 1, at 5: Apr 13, at Sep 17, at 2: Of course, if you have that, please go ahead. Here’s one finished wall.

Holes surrounded by yellow box are used for cathode risers to pass through. Mark the location to be drilled using a Phillip head screw driver. The resulted LED Cube. I see that you used ohm resisters for your cube.

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