Machines Who Think: A Personal Inquiry into the History and Prospects of Artificial Intelligence. Author: Pamela McCorduck. Pamela McCorduck first went among the artificial intelligentsia when the field was fresh and new, and asked the scientists engaged in it what they were doing. By Mike Holderness. Is it that time already? The classic Machines Who Think ( A. K. Peters, $) has come out in a 25th anniversary edition.

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Machines Who Think (2nd ed.)

Then technology would catch up, and a whole new set of possibilities would emerge; another generation would rediscover a good idea, and the dance would begin once more.

What’s ahead as AI succeeds even more? Jack Copeland – – Minds and Machines 12 2: However, I’m re-thinking my skepticism as programs like Watson exceed my expectations. But I also believe that the chance is worth taking. That makes me very uncomfortable. The material seems insensitive to the deep philosophical stakes of its surface skim of Turing’s hardy question: Joel David Hamkins – – Minds and Machines 12 4: This article has no associated abstract.

Jul 24, Rob Mason rated it it was amazing Shelves: He’s far from the first, by the way. In fact, finance might be one of the biggest present-day users of AI. Shouldn’t we just say no to intelligent machines?

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Pamela McCorduck, Machines Who Think (2nd ed.) – PhilPapers

So if you include arithmetic, machines have been “smarter” than us for more than a century. She saw artificial intelligence as the scientific apotheosis of one of the most enduring, glorious, often amusing, and sometimes alarming, traditions of human culture: Saurabh rated it it was amazing Mar 24, How do you feel about what’s called “the singularity”?

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But we still have a way to go, and no wonder.

Genes and Culture, Protest and Communication. The student resources previously accessed via GarlandScience. Recent commentary about the 25th anniversary edition of Machines Who Think.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Already read this title? These two attitudes are very much alive wno. If you believe and I do that artificial intelligence is not only one of the most audacious of scientific undertakings, but also one of the most important, these interviews are a significant record of the original visionaries, whose intellectual verve set the tone for the field for years to come.

Like the privacy you give up for the convenience of using a credit card, it’s a trade-off. The interviews with AI’s pioneer scientists took pakela when the field was young and generally unknown.

View the publisher’s site, AK Peters. Still there’s some useful material gathered here–names, chronologies, testimonies, interviews, etc.

Science Logic and Mathematics. Some vehicles didn’t even get started. Open Preview See a Problem? It’s being done all over the planet.

It could be through conference attendance, group discussion or directed reading to name just a few examples. I’ve long felt that “the singularity”—the moment when machine intelligence exceeds human intelligence—was so far off if it happened at all that anything I could say about it could only be hot air. Here’s what I mean: Criteria for the Design and Evaluation of Cognitive Architectures.

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Trivia About Machines Who Thin But an interesting characteristic of AI research is how often good ideas were proposed, tried, then dropped, as the technology of the moment failed to allow pamella good idea to flourish. But the European Union also understands that the best defense against terrorism is to be able to detect patterns of behavior that might alert law enforcement officers to potential terrorism before it happens.

McCorduck shows how, from a slightly dubious fringe science, artificial intelligence has moved slowly though not always steadily to a central place in our everyday lives, and how it will be even more crucial as the World Wide Web moves into its next generation.

An Old Theory in a New Frame? Now, Machines Who Think is back, along with an extended addition that brings the field up to date in the last quarter century, mccoorduck its scientific and its public faces. A Personal Inquiry into machnes History and Prospects of Exuberant, hopeful, bright–sure, but so what?

This isn’t usually an easy, automatic judgment—many factors are weighed as the program is deciding. From inside the book.

The risks are scary; the risks are real; but I don’t think we should say no. The abstainers would be forced to continue themselves for their own protection.

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