Mahājanaka Jātaka (No. ). Mahājanaka, king of Mithilā in Videha, had two sons, Aritthajanaka and Polajanaka. On his death, the elder. The Jataka, Vol. VI, tr. by E.B. Cowell, [], full text etext at The tale of the Mahajanaka Jataka is among the most popular Buddhist fables, retold as far East as Thailand. In Cave 1 of the Ajanta Caves.

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Nimi discoursed with the gods for seven days but refused to live in this Heaven forever.

Mahanipata Jataka

One day when he was strolling in the garden, she could bear his indifference no longer. On hearing the command and being desirous to please her, he ran up quickly from the jatakq of the staircase and stood by her.

After seven days of plunging through the heavy seas at top speed, the overloaded ship began to founder. Before Aritthajanaka went to battle with his brother, he made his pregnant wife promise that should he be killed, she would flee from Mithila in order to protect the unborn child. He descended to the earth and spoke: At last she spied him and recognized that he was not an ordinary mortal.

At last he could bear it no longer. During this time the goddess Manimekhala was enjoying the pleasures of heaven, neglecting her duties as guardian of the seas. Then, lifting the basket onto her head, she went unnoticed out of the city by the northern gate.

As he listened the meaning became clear to him like the moon in the sky. The troops rounded up the doomed.

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Mahajanaka Jataka – Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

They decorated the city, yoked four noble steeds to the handsome carriage, and bade the mahajanakq follow behind as is proper when a royal chariot is empty. On a full moon day, even though he was being tossed about by the waves, he undertook to follow the 8 Precepts.

She took him in her arms, and Mahajanaka, thrilled by the touch of the goddess, fell into a trance. One day the king was riding through his kingdom with his ministers when he observed two mango trees. No one was able to violate that line; and the mahajamaka, standing behind that line, made loud lamentation. For seven days Mahajanaka floated in the ocean before the goddess Manimekhala observed him in the water. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

At last the ministers decided to send out the festive chariot to see if they could find a successor to Polajanaka. Then they said, “Give her to him who knows which is the head of the square bed.

Mahajanaka Jataka

They had asked him on his death-bed, “O king, to whom shall we give the kingdom when thou art become a god? This story the Master, while dwelling at Jetavana, told concerning the great Renunciation.

Four months in advance of the arrival of King Vedeha, Mahosadha started to built a palace one mile outside the capital Uttara-pancala. His wife Sivali bore him a son and heir to the throne.

At last the two men swore a sincere friendship.

Shortly thereafter she became his queen. If not, I will carry on trade and make money and seize my father’s kingdom.

His ministers came and sprinkled her body with water and rubbed her hands and feet, and at last she recovered consciousness. Narada sped back to the brahma world.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He thought about getting the throne back from his umcle. Princess Siwalee tested his wisdom in different ways to see if Mahajanaka had the adility to govern as Pholajanaka would have wished.

The Bodhisatta, perceiving that she was unconscious, plunged into the wood, carefully obliterating his footsteps.

Mahajanaka Jataka | Ajanta Cave 1 Painting. This section is … | Flickr

The family priest beheld the Bodhisatta lying there and addressed the ministers, “Sirs, I see someone lying on the stone; we know not whether he has wisdom worthy of the white umbrella or not; if he is a being of holy merit he will not look at us, but if he is a creature of ill omen he will start up in alarm and look at us trembling; sound forthwith all the musical instruments. On the eve of the full moon festival, King Angati went to the deer park to mqhajanaka Guna Kassapa, a naked ascetic.

At that time King Piliyakkha of Benares in his great desire for venison, also came to the river and at last reached the spot where Sama stood. As he drew near, the princess could not stand still before his majestic bearing; and coming up she gave him her hand to lean on. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the mahajaanaka camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.

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