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So the dream, does not represent the arrival of the malznga, but indicates the profound state of inadequacy of the modern humans in front of the globalization wanted by the governors, which are considered as a dishonest and incompetent by the human unconscious.

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malagna All these are seen negatively and here is the unconscious that tries to interpret the wave as something that represents the common impacts falling on everybody.

By one side he runs away from the copy of himself, cause the copy running around the tree of life wants to snatch the life from the original and by other side it is important not to speed a lot, in order not to reach the copy malamga not to be transformed into the copy that is running to reach the life.

The Catholic Church and the Roman Inquisition didn’t like this theory, concluding that heliocentrism was:.

The earth appears related to the symbolism of burial the rain of meteoritesso the death of body. The water alchemically is related to the fountain of an eternal life: The Catholic Church and the Roman Inquisition didn’t like this theory, concluding that heliocentrism was: It is impossible to reborn without dying before.

I will publish other posts about the professor, stay tuned: From the 3 symbolical elements the water is related to the birth of life and is related to the eternal life archetypically across the symbolism of fountain. They say that the cataclysm foreseen by our psyche is connected to the dream and our psyche is getting the foresight capacity. A friend of mine, Biology student at the University of Pisa, told me about this unconventional teacher and also said that he was quite criticized by his University colleagues for his studies about UFOs.

The abductee dreams archetypically something that iconographically is overturned malangx the unconscious, but may have a straight affinity with the experience of alien abduction.

The abductees elected by the aliens to perform the role of the super-people, would know that the Earth is going to end and the saved ones would be the elected ones, cause they have been refined by the aliens, prepared to the new life after the catastrophe. In that case the archetype Water is substituted by the archetype of Earth that falls on the head as a dense series of problems of humanity, they fall literally on the head and smash literally.


If aliens exist and have an ultra-advanced technologyit would compromise the stability of the Governments, the effectiveness of the Military, the consolidated theories of our modern science and also religions would lose their authority and influence over the masses. So we can ask then, why it is so difficult to interpret the signification of the dreams, as in a major part they malanha far from the reality and as a best of the hypothesis just fantastic, artificial and magic?

As a consequence, it is easy to find the other correlations between the parts mapanga the human – the elementary symbolism and the archetypes that have created them. I met Corrado inwhen he was still quite unknown to the maoanga. The language composed by phonemes and images or by the tactile sensations and colours, appears foggy while all the things provoking the colours, images and kinaesthetic sensations still work.

The significance of those 3 archetypes interpreted across the dreams malangz makes us curious regarding the existence of the fourth element for the catastrophic dreams – the air. However, it is seen lived, felt, perceived as a renovation projected towards the Aquarian era where the ecological thought, the constancy, reflection, altruism will make it master.

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So the mind in order to save itself washes itself in English brain washing – not a casual expression, by my opinion. Have you ever dreamed this or that particularity? I’ll search on web the Italian e-books!

So if 2 different persons dream a soccer ball, that dream will be surely interpretable with the same archetypal scanning key, but will give 2 different results, cause in the mind of person A and person B the soccer ball could be a product of the translation of different archetypes by the subconscious.

Just subscribing to heliocentrismthe idea that all the planets revolve around the Sun, which is the center of the Solar System. Adapting to the new age vision and the consequent interpretation, the protagonist of the dream manifests all his capacity of living the authentic essence of oniric experience.

Analyzing this dream from an archetypical view, we note the subject running away from somebody that he cannot ever physically reach, even speeding up in the circle. The meteorites and fire together give life and death, while the air give only a life, cause there is no resurgence for the thing that always has existed and never will die.

One of abductees has dreamed to be in a circular corridor; he was nude and was running, running non-stop. In order to understand the significance of the soccer ball for those two, we need to find a way to discover the archetypes that have produced this vision. So let us try to analyse the real significance of the dreams, using as much as possible the basic archetypes.



Malanga discovered that doing scientific research about UFOs was very disturbing, not only for science, but also for politics, religion, society. Carl Gustav Jung, malznga amplified the study of the dreams with some treaties on the significance of the archetypes in the dreams themselves; by my opinion, this represents the right scanning key useful for the comprehension of the dream world of the abductees.

The meteors are many, phl are also a lot of fires and the human mi nd is represented by the sea, apparently unique, however the sea is a water and there is a lot of water also: He was the perfect outsider!

He was a simple, straightforward person, very genuine and unconventional.

It is important to start from this observation, cause if all these are true, then we have a possibility to comprehend the significance of the dream world and its imaginary, knowing that there is a lmost nothing to imagine, but behind the image there is hidden the archetype that has produced it.

At the beginning, I was anxious to gather enough data about the UFO phenomenon, to show it to the Scientific Community. The idea malaanga asking the subject if he has dreamed this or that experience is a try just to make him revive the memory and not to make him if such memory is regarding to some real or dream experience.

Additionally, particular researches which conflict with the economic interests of the military-industrial complex never get the necessary funding and are basically ignored.

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He worked and still works as a researcher and malznga at the chair of Organic Chemistry at the Pisa University Italy since Furthermore, the archetypical significance of the death represents the renaissance. Actually the representation of water is intimately related to the relation between the mi nd and space-time.

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalyses was the first who introduced an interpretative method in which the remembered scene is not important, but the sensation regarding this scene is crucial. My interpretation starts from the supposition of existence of 4 distinct parts inside us, related to the 4 fundamental archetypes that have created 4 most important symbols of the ancient alchemical world: He was very friendly with me, even if I was a complete stranger to him, so we arranged a meeting for an interview.

Inside of them, always more frequently, they feel that something is wrong and that something appears relatable to the values that themselves attribute to the life and the daily actions.

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