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Fill Soc Sec Ssa , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. 14 Sep Turns out they still are not mailing out social security statements and there is not This is a social security statement request form SSA SSA uses the information Form SSA collects to identify a respondent’s Social Security earnings information, calculate potential benefit estimates, produce.

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The program’s phone line — — was immediately swamped after the Aug.

Estimate your SS Benefit

Even though the lines are open 24 hours a day, Gambino said, thousands have been calling and “getting busy signals. This is a radical improvement over current Social Security information letters on the same subject, which do not estimate future retirement benefits unless the person is 60, and do not estimate monthly disability or survivor benefits.

It also tells you the projected amount of disability benefits and survivor benefits your family may receive. Do churches have to pay FICA for their non-ministerial employees?

As one of ssa7-004 government agencies that deal directly with the public, the Social Security Administration is subject to its fair share of regular grumps.

That includes payments for death, disability, retirement or medical care.

And by the yearhe envisions that everyone of all ages who has paid anything into Social Security would get such statements automatically once every three years. Hardy is not fazed by reports that people are frustrated by failure to get through on the number.

We want to serve them. The Social Security Administration SSA automatically sends annual statements to workers and former workers who are 25 and older.

The deadline for filing Form relates to the date on which the church must file its first Form on which it reports its employer share of FICA taxes. Payment of Social Security taxes can be very confusing to churches and ministers because ministers are treated differently than other taxpayers.

As agency spokesman Phil Gambino put it, “The phones are going crazy. Many ministers do not understand the strict rules for opting out of Social Security. They may not even read the requirements for filing Form before signing it.


A minister must certify opposition on the basis of religious principles to acceptance of public insurance. Find Someone To Help. If they do not agree with your own records, contact the Social Security Administration at F ss-7004 S ervices guided by C hristian V alues.

The special form allows Americans to ask what benefits will be received on retirement, death or disability. The person will also be told how much, on the basis of earnings so far, he or she would get in monthly benefits now if disabled, and how much the spouse and children would receive monthly in survivor benefits if the individual died. It will tell you the current estimate in today’s dollars of your retirement benefit at the age you requested, as well as the benefit at full retirement age and at age All taxpayers should review their statements carefully.

Gambino said the retirement calculation includes a one percent annual growth factor in real wages to reflect expected productivity increases in the economy. A church cannot pay FICA for someone who is a minister for tax purposes. SSA’s idea is to provide workers of all ages a fairly precise dollar calculation of how much they are entitled to receive in Social Security benefits.

The phone system began with lines and has been boosted tohandling up to 10, calls an hour. What should Ministers and Churches know about Social Security?

Said the AARP’s Evelyn Morton, “I hope workers will scrutinize their earnings record carefully — after all, their benefits are based on that statement of earnings and if it is wrong, their benefits would be, too.

It was an unqualified hit, so much so that it frustrated thousands right off the bat. To sidestep the busy signals, Gambino suggested calling in at odd hours or requesting Form SSA by mail.

Connect with a Financial Consultant. When churches mistakenly pay FICA for ministers, they can cause errors in Social Security Administration records that may affect future benefits.

How Much Will You Collect? Pastors who choose to opt out of Social Security also lose access to other important benefits, including potential disability payments for themselves and payments to their surviving spouse or dependents in the event of their death. Daniel Patrick Moynihan D-N. Products and services made available through Infinex are not insured by the FDIC or any other agency of the United States and are not deposits or obligations of nor guaranteed or insured by any bank or bank affiliate.

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U.S. SSA Form ssa-ssa-7004

Infinex is not affiliated with Flagstar Bank. Any errors can be reported and corrected more easily the sooner they are found. The minister will have to report the allowance as income for federal income tax purposes and as income for SECA tax purposes. Refer Someone in Need. Review your record of earnings carefully. How You Can Help. There is no requirement that the person seeking the information be close to retirement age — it can be a young worker decades from retirement. Churches have one chance to exempt ssa-7040 from their obligation to pay FICA on behalf of their non-ministerial ssa-7004.

Unlike other taxpayers who are employees for federal income tax purposes, ministers must pay SECA taxes on their ministerial income.

Estimate your SS Benefit – MyFEDBenefits

Your Social Security Statement provides you with a list of your Social Security earnings each year through your previous year’s wages. Unlike other taxpayers, ministers often have a dual tax status. Few ministers will be able to meet these requirements. The SSA response will also give a complete record of the amount of earnings to date on which Social Security taxes have been levied, and the amount of taxes by year that he or she has paid so far.

Does a minister have to pay Social Security taxes on a church-designated housing allowance? Ken Hoagland, spokesman for the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, noted that statements on future retirement benefits are necessarily somewhat speculative, because they are based in part on sas-7004 young worker’s guess as to what he or she will make over the next several decades before retirement.

He said SSA expects to send at least 6 million statements a year, but on the basis of the response so far, ssa-704 figure may be underestimated. But they are always considered self-employed for Social Security purposes.

Ministers for tax purposes must pay SECA taxes on their ministerial earnings unless they have properly followed IRS rules to ss-7004 out of Social Security, something few ministers qualify to do. Your Social Security Benefits.

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