One of this century’s most original philosophical thinkers, Nozick brilliantly the Holocaust, religious faith, politics, and wisdom, The Examined Life brings. The Examined Life has ratings and 25 reviews. David said: I come back to this book frequently, in my thinking and in certain of the classes I teach. The Examined Life Philosophical Meditations. Robert Nozick. (). Like. Recommend. Bookmark. Abstract, This article has no associated abstract. (fix it).

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Did not complete because I lost interest, was not hooked on his somewhat pompous approach to philosophy. The most appealing suggestion in this chapter comes at its close. Nozick thinks that the only legitimate functions of government are protection and enforcement of contracts.

Finally, one of the essays that made the biggest impression on me was “The Holocaust” where he states it “would not be a special tragedy if humankind ended. I suppose it could be said from the above that at least here Nozick engages the mind and forces you to think.

Though I don’t agree with the libertarian philosophy that unfortunately made him famous, I love reading Nozick more than perhaps any other philosopher I have encountered. Nozick is most famous for his defense of libertarianism in Anarchy, State and Utopia.

The other essays on non-political topics are interesting and occasionally enlightening, but not consistently enough to have me reaching for the book in my spare moments. Get to Know Us. In The Examined Life: Moreover, our emotions enhance our power to create value, and nozivk give substance to our selves. We ought never exammined societal good because society is nothing more than an epiphenomenon, and as such, it is a categorical mistake to talk about society having a good at all.

However, when we guide our lives by our own pondered thoughts, it is then our life that we are living, not someone else’s.

Episode 104: Robert Nozick’s Libertarianism

Philosophical Meditations by Robert Nozick review “. Some libertarians argue at this point that the monopoly will eventually be undermined, or that the disappearing resource was unfit for evolution, that it should never have been common anyway, or that there will be unintended consequences for any social system. In modern economic systems this corresponds to cornering a market, or establishing a cartel.

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That said, some property rights theories appear to me preferable to both individuals and groups more than others. More intriguing if not more convincing is the thought that nozici computer program someday will be able to capture the essence of a life and make it available to later generations.

Episode Robert Nozick’s Libertarianism

I do not represent myself as political, or a Libertarian, so this is not an objection to some characterizations of political positions. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Meditations on First Philosophy. But when times bring scarcity, people will come into conflict. Trivia About The Examined Life What the Libertarian must want examned of all is a chance to form a genuine community between actual living people, it is only by noting that the nation state is everything but that — and opposed to that interest — that Libertarians arrive at the conclusion of less government.

Contra Rawls, Nozick’s “entitlement” version of justice doesn’t look at income inequality or any other pattern of holdings, but only at whether holdings were legitimately obtained, e. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I bring up sewage because there is a clear similarity to providing physical protection through protection agencies. But it then quite failed to address the not unrelated point that solutions based on collective community majoritarian decisions also may be unjust if not insane.

He was educated at Columbia A.

Chapter 20, entitled The Holocaust, impresses me as the most fearsomely cogent declaration of the fallen state of human progress that I’ve ever read: It was very much a mixed bag. In brave and moving meditations on lfe, creativity, happiness, sexuality, parents and children, the Holocaust, religious faith, politics, and wisdom, The Retrieved from ” https: Feb 14, Leanne rated it really liked it.

There is some sort of continuum between the abstract or unrealistic ideas of drastic Nozick-like minimalist government and the all-too-real communist gulags and C20 mass murders in USSR, China, Cambodia and so on. However, when we guide our lives by our own pondered thoughts, it then examkned our life that we are living, not someone else’s.

Of all of Robert Nozick’s books that I have read this is the one to which I return most frequently. This book is especially enjoyable, because it’s non-technical and personal. Dec 15, Tim rated it liked it Shelves: Books by Robert Nozick.


The Examined Life is a book of homilies – sermons – expressing the examnied wisdom of a lifetime tbe philosophy.

Examined Life | Book by Robert Nozick | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Happiness is just one of the subjects essayed in this book but it is a good example as when you encounter Nozick saying: Return to Book Page. They think anti-statism is sufficient for being an anarchist, but actual anarchists sometimes call libertarian socialists think that capitalistic relationships are hierarchical pife authoritarian think about boss v worker relationships or the general command economy structure internal to corporations and therefore must be eliminated.

Logically, by having no minimum wage, it would appear that there is an implicit and informal incentive to discriminate baked into the structure of such a no-minimum-wage-society, thus incentivizing employers to perpetuate and reproduce a de facto caste system e. Refresh thd try again. Examines Huddleston rated it it was amazing Jan 21, The philosopher Anthony Quintonwriting in The Oxford Companion to Philosophy ; second editiondescribed hhe book as “unkindly treated”.

Stand out chapters for me were the ones on theodicies and ideals and actuals. Philosophical Meditations by Robert Nozick. An intricate and improbable concatenation of events was needed to yield each of us, an immense history that gives each person the sacredness of a redwood, each child the whimsy of a secret.

These activities might involve great health risks in order to serve the sick, risks of physical harm in interposing oneself between oppressors and their victims– I have in mind the kind of peaceful activities and nonviolent resistance that Gandhi and Hte Luther King engaged in, not a vigilante pursuit of wrongdoers– or in aiding people within violence-ridden areas Book of a lifetime. If we reject a minimum wage, then we te also thereby endorse the idea that a presumption of inequality is permissible since there is no ostensibly neutral Libertarian metric that formally prohibits it e.

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